Schwartz, Page & Harding

Why Clients Choose Us

Some of Texas’ most successful districts, homebuilders, developers and landowners are represented by Schwartz, Page & Harding. Here are some of the reasons why clients select us:

Expertise. Our firm partners have dedicated their careers to handling the complex legal matters involving special district law in Texas. Our widely-recognized expertise includes playing a leading role in drafting changes to the Texas Water Code and the rules of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. We have also been instrumental in founding and supporting organizations dedicated to industry advancement, such as the Utility District Advisory Corporation and the Association of Water Board Directors.

Experience. Among the firm's partners, 25 years is the average amount of practice experience handling special purpose districts and public finance matters. Our senior partners have over 35 years of experience. What’s more, our staff includes paralegals with as much as 25 years of experience in this area of practice. Clients know they can count on Schwartz, Page & Harding to bring a wealth of experience to every project.

Responsiveness. Being attentive to client needs is a high priority for us, including returning calls and messages promptly. We believe that timely legal advice makes for good business decisions, so we’re always willing to answer questions or discuss the potential business impact of any pending legal matters we are handling.

Efficiency. Firm attorneys and staff have decades of experience working together. That means we know how to organize, staff and manage client projects for maximum efficiency and value, without compromising thoroughness. Because time is money, clients benefit from our ability to work as a team and to anticipate and efficiently address challenges as the project develops.

Attention to Detail. We believe that a task performed completely and correctly the first time saves time, money and patience for our clients and eliminates the risks of delay.

Relationships. Due to the nature of our practice, we have developed close working relationships with representatives of the many local, state and federal regulatory agencies engaged in this area of law. We communicate frequently with legislators and are actively involved in drafting legislative and other regulatory changes that positively impact our clients’ projects, as well as the industry as a whole. In addition, we make it our business to stay abreast of legislative changes likely to occur in the future and advise our clients accordingly.

Integrity & Ethics. As with most law firms, our practice occasionally presents ethical challenges. We believe in working aggressively, but never at the expense of our integrity or meeting the highest of ethical standards. You will quickly learn from our clients why we are known for developing and executing a quality legal product with uncompromising integrity and ethics.

Value. Our fees and rates of charge compare very favorably to other firms and, together with our expertise, experience and efficiency, translate into value for our clients.

Reputation. We are proud of the work we have done and what others say about it. We are glad to supply client references and we are confident that you will hear the same if you simply “ask around” the industry in the communities where we have worked.