Schwartz, Page & Harding

Why Work with Us

Attorneys find many good reasons to work at Schwartz, Page & Harding. They enjoy a challenging variety of legal work with positive social, financial and public policy consequences and rewards. They are provided immediate opportunities for client service and client interaction. In addition, they work in an environment that emphasizes mutual respect, learning experiences and ample family and personal time.

There are few practices that intersect with more areas of the law than ours. In handling client matters, our attorneys routinely work across several areas of the law, including:

Administrative Environmental Municipal and Local Governance
Construction Legislative Real Estate
Election Public Finance Tax

Last, but not least, our practice gives us the unique opportunity to have a hand in building thriving and sustainable communities that are great places to live and work.

Our shared enthusiasm for our practice and the firm has fostered a culture of teamwork at Schwartz, Page & Harding that has lasted through the decades.