Counsel to Great Communities

For more than 50 years, the attorneys at Schwartz, Page & Harding have focused on the representation of special districts that serve some of Texas’s largest and most attractive residential and commercial developments.

We are proud of our role as legal advisors to districts serving great communities like The Woodlands, Bridgeland, Harper’s Preserve, Veranda, Harmony, Balmoral, Generation Park, Sunterra and Audubon, where we have provided counsel since the early stages of development and continue to do so today.

Schwartz, Page & Harding’s well-established practice focuses specifically on the creation and administration of municipal utility districts, water control and improvement districts, levee improvement districts, road utility districts, municipal management districts, river authorities, regional water authorities and other districts. We have in-depth experience as bond counsel and a long history of facilitating the financing for water production and distribution, wastewater treatment, sanitary sewer collection, storm drainage, roads, recreational facilities and other improvements.

At Schwartz, Page & Harding, our experience, responsiveness and proven ability to work effectively with the local, state and federal regulatory agencies involved in community development translate into value and efficiency for our clients. Our partners are actively engaged in the drafting of legislation and the development of rules adopted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality which regulate most Texas districts. Our clients rely on us for clear insight into the state’s complex regulatory environment.

Providing Infrastructure for Texas

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Please note that Schwartz, Page & Harding, L.L.P. cannot undertake the representation of any district, governmental entity, company or individual until we confirm that no conflicts of interest with existing clients will result.